Delegation System

The MaltSwap LP and GRN staking contracts both have the ability to allow an account to delegate their staking benefits to another account. This allows composability of features built on top of Malt staking without relinquishing your LP tokens to other contracts.

Malt's delegation system opens up a world of possibilities for ecosystem growth and user empowerment:

Security: Users can delegate rewards to a separate address, allowing for better fund management and security practices. Composability: Other projects can build on top of Malt's delegation system, creating new use cases and incentive structures. Autocompounders: Users can delegate their rewards to autocompounding services for effortless reinvestment without giving up control of their LP tokens. Gaming and dApp Integration: Rewards can be delegated to fund in-game mechanics or other decentralized applications. Ecosystem Growth: The delegation system encourages developers to build on top of Malt, strengthening the overall ecosystem.

All without ever giving access to your actual underlying staked LP. The real goal here is to create strength in the stablecoin by leveraging an ecosystem of builders who build utility on top. Those that use the apps built by these builders are directly contributing to the underlying economic strength of the Malt stablecoin.

This is how we decentralize. The more builders who build on top. The more projects that offer incentives for MaltSwap. The more interesting experiments happening. The more people will have a reason to own Malt and create MaltSwap LP. The stronger the stablecoin base becomes with a wider variety of assets in collateral.


As mentioned in the previous section, an Autocompounder is one possible use case of the delegation system. We built an autocompounder that will be accessible through the Malt UI very soon.

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