The MaltSwap dex is the primary exchange used by the Malt stablecoin. All pools on MaltSwap are assets paired against Malt.

Types of pools

MaltSwap supports two types of liquidity pools:

  • Stable pools: For assets expected to maintain a stable value relative to Malt (e.g., other stablecoins).

  • Floating pools: For assets that can fluctuate in value (e.g., ETH, WBTC).

Each pool on Malt Swap has a fee. The default fee on stable pools is 0.1% and the default fee on floating pools is 0.25%.

How it supports the Malt stablecoin

MaltSwap plays a crucial role in maintaining Malt's peg by providing liquidity and enabling efficient arbitrage. It also generates fees that contribute to the protocol's revenue.

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