The Malt Protocol is an evolving ecosystem with ambitious plans for growth and improvement. Here's a glimpse into our roadmap:

Roadmap Highlights

  • Chain Migration

    • Goal: Move to a more active blockchain to access greater liquidity and user base.

    • Current Status: In progress. We're evaluating potential chains and preparing for migration.

  • GRN Token Activation

    • Goal: Fully implement GRN emissions and the corresponding fee reduction system for GRN stakers.

    • Timeline: Expected in the near future.

  • Ecosystem Development

    • Goal: Encourage and support third-party developers in building applications leveraging Malt's delegation system.

    • Initiatives: Create comprehensive documentation, developer tools, and other sources of cashflow

  • Malt Cost Averaging System

    • Goal: Implement a feature allowing users to gradually acquire their preferred assets using Malt.

    • Benefits: Reduces impact of short-term volatility and enhances Malt's utility. Also provides a way to rebalance collateral.

  • Multi-Chain Support

    • Goal: Expand Malt Protocol to operate across multiple blockchain networks.

    • Timeline: To be determined based on the success of initial chain migration.

  • Governance system

    • Goal: Implement a decentralized governance system to enable community-driven decision-making.

    • Status: Currently in research phase.

  • Evolving Stability Mechanism

    • Goal: Research and potentially implement a move away from a strict dollar peg towards a more crypto-native form of stability.

    • Status: Currently in research phase.

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