GRN Token

The Malt Grain token (GRN) is a token that will provide fee reduction on Malt Swap to any account that stakes GRN in the fee reduction contract.

Purpose and Benefits

GRN stakers enjoy reduced trading fees on MaltSwap. The amount of fee reduction is tied to the amount of GRN staked. GRN will be distributed fairly to accounts that have staked MaltSwap LP tokens. The more you support the protocol, the more GRN you'll receive and the more you'll benefit from reduced fees. Over time GRN could become a cornerstone of much of the utility within the Malt ecosystem.

Obtaining GRN

GRN tokens are distributed pro-rata to accounts that have staked MaltSwap LP tokens. This means that by providing liquidity to MaltSwap and staking your LP tokens, you'll automatically receive GRN emissions.

The emission schedule for GRN is as follows:

  • First 6 months: One-third of the total supply

  • Following year: One-third of the total supply

  • Following two years: Final third of the total supply

This "halvening" schedule ensures a fair distribution over time, with emissions gradually decreasing as the protocol matures.

Using GRN:

To use your GRN tokens for fee reduction you must stake your GRN in the fee reduction contract. This can be done via the Malt web UI.

There's an 8-hour warmup period after staking before your fee reduction takes full effect. Once active, your fee reduction will apply to all swaps made from the same address that staked the GRN.

The exact amount of fee reduction you receive will depend on the amount of GRN staked and the duration of staking. This information will be clearly displayed in the GRN staking user interface.


GRN also supports delegation, allowing you to assign your fee reduction benefits to another address. This feature enables various use cases and integrations with other protocols or services.

By participating in the GRN system, you not only gain immediate benefits like reduced fees, but you also contribute to the overall health and stability of the Malt ecosystem. As the protocol grows and evolves, the utility of GRN is expected to expand.

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