Democratizing Arb Bots

The core driving motivation behind Malt is to be as fair as possible to all participants. The elephant in the room for most stablecoins is that the MEV bots living in the mempool make most of the profit well before most people even notice. Then the projects have to scramble to build incentives for their LPs - bribe CVX holders, raise capital for the yield pool, pay incentives with token expansion etc

Malt's aim is for the protocol to tap into the profit that the bots are usually extracting 100% of. Even if Malt can capture 20% of that it still provides a sustainable source of yield for LPs. Now anyone can capture some of the value in the mempool even if you don't know how to write a bot. You just need to provide liquidity.

This also means that Malt does not have to compete in the dog eat dog world of external incentives for LPs. Malt has a direct incentive for LPs built right into it.

Democratizing the profit captured in the mempool will change the game.

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