Built for LPs

This point has been touched on a few times already in these docs but it is worth mentioning it explicitly again. Everything about Malt was built by trying to maximize the alignment of the protocol incentives towards LPs.

LPs are the backbone of any DeFi project - especially a stablecoin. Without liquidity you have nothing. If liquidity is so important why are liquidity incentives an afterthought for most projects? (Just launch a governance token and expand it to pay yield).

Malt is build to reward those that take the financial risks to support the protocol. Without them we are nothing.

By paying LPs handsomely as a core part of the stability mechanism of the protocol we think we can build a foundation for a stablecoin ecosystem that has never been able to exist before. All other stablecoins have to spend most of their time thinking about how to incentivize the liquidity. Malt already has that incentive built into the protocol so we can spend our time thinking about building exponential features for the ecosystem.

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